Sharkfest '11 Retrospective

June 13th - 16th, 2011
Stanford University | Stanford, California

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+ Keynote Video and Presentation

Keynote Video and Presentation

Steve McCanneSHARKFEST '11 Keynote Address by Steve McCanne with an introduction by Gerald Combs and Loris Degioanni

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  • Keynote Presentation: The Architecture and Optimization Methodology of the libpcap Packet Capture Library by Steve McCanne, co-creator tcpdump, co-founder and CTO, Riverbed
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    A Word of Thanks

    Another Sharkfest has come and gone, and we thank each participant, sponsor, presenter, keynote speaker, coordinator, caterer, staff and general support person for making this a successful, richly educational event once again. All session presentations are available from this page, and recordings of many sessions can be found at