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SharkFest'20 US Speaker Page

We look forward to welcoming you to SharkFest'20 US as a speaker. Please complete the form below to indicate your interest and proposed presentation subject matter.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Presentations and workshops accepted for this conference are Wireshark-centric, of an educational nature, and include content that is Wireshark-specific.
  2. Speakers are encouraged to submit sessions matching their expertise.
  3. Presentations may be in lecture-only format, lab-based format, interactive audience format, panel format or any format that meets your presentation preferences and fits within an allotted presentation time frame.
  4. Lecture-based presentations are expected to be approximately 75 minutes long (including 15 minutes of Q&A). Sessions can be extended to cover back-to-back time slots to accommodate the speaker and ensure that the entire content of a presentation is delivered in an unhurried and complete manner.
  5. Lab-based presentations can range from one session length to a full-day time frame as needed.
  6. Please note that duplicate sessions are weeded out. Should we receive multiple submissions with the same topic, we will contact the duplicate submitter(s) and ask for a revised or alternate topic.

Your Details


Please include a short description of yourself, your work history, your interests, and your relation to Wireshark, Open Source development, security, troubleshooting, etc.

  • Presentation Information

    Additional Questions/Requests

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